It's Time to Say Goodbye to 2020

Get your sticky note on the wall. Open up your memo or notes app. Scroll back to the message you sent at 2 am. Wherever or whatever it is, this is your chance to share it.

press Enter

Rules for Posting

  1. Your content can be as short as a tweet or as long as your essay back in 5th grade.
  2. Your message should be related to experiences, thoughts, feelings, or anything in 2020. (If you don’t know what happened in 2020, you must be living in a cave. Good job at quarantine.)
  3. You can post in any language. Pas de problème!
  4. No duplicate posts and content. No copy-paste! Seriously. Seriously. Seriously.
  5. No spam, scams, or deceptive content.
  6. No adding of any website links. Fine, mentioning your social media handle is okay. But still no links.
  7. No promotion or selling of goods, products or services.
  8. No nudity or sexual content.
  9. No vulgar language or profanity.
  10. No defamation or harassment.
  11. No graphic, violent, abusive, harmful, or dangerous content.

If you failed to follow any of these rules, we will delete your post and block you. If there’s a lot of violators, we will take down auto-posting and switch to manually approving each post. Sorry not sorry. Now, off you go.

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