Say Goodbye to 2020



2020 was a difficult year, harder than other ones. It was also a year of self-reflection and to think over what’s really important. Things changed completely in the span of days, and that was something no one was ready for. We all had to change and do other stuff we usually never do before, but I have learned in life that changes are good. Changes are needed to be better and to see things different. In the last year there were bad moments, sad moments but also good moments that I will remember forever and that I will have close to my heart. Now the page of the calendar turned and eventhough it still feels the same, I hope better things will come to all of us. I don’t know what the future holds for me, for the planet or for all of us, but I hope things can slowly be better. Be kind, be happy, be healthy and do well, I think If we have those 4 we can achieve many good things. Wishing the best for everyone, let’s go 2021!