Say Goodbye to 2020

Thank u 2020, next


I hated 2020, Was able to resign from a certain company who takes advantage of fresh graduates with full of potential, but scared to complain. We were underpaid, and promises were not kept. Our salary did not changed even though in our contract it says our salary will change by our regularization, which did not happened. Its like the owner is doing it on purpose to not sign the contract. I Was paid 2k to 4k per month from april to september 2020. It was understandable if they are struggling due to the pandemic but they should have at least been transparent and did not let our hopes up. The owner of the company said they will not deduct our salary (May2020), but due to shorter hours because of the curfew they still cut if off and changed to hourly without notifying the employees. I was juggling between products and businesses under their company, overworked mentally, emotionally and physically yet underpaid. They haven’t even given my COE and its been 2 months, they havent even given a copy of my contract for more than a year. I hated 2020. But on the brightside i never felt more closer than ever with my boyfriend. I hate 2020 but thank you cause i was able to love someone more than I thought.